Our Mission and Vision

Capoeira is such a rich and complicated art form that aspiring to teach it to others can quickly become a real challenge, even for the most experienced players. CapoeiraTeacher.com commits to be a resource to help all who are willing to commit to the growth of this art on a global scale. We commit to help develop and deliver tools to support this art in the most appropriate ways possible.

Teaching and learning capoeira becomes even more complicated outside the context of Brasil. Teachers that have limited first-hand experience with the history, language and culture of Brazil can quickly become overwhelmed with the challange of passing knowledge on to their students. More is required of non-Brazilian students and teachers and we think this is appropriate. Our goal is to help bridge this gap!

While we hope that this site will be helpful in some way to all capoeira instructors, our attention is specifically pointed to those that are non-Brazilian, or that do not have Portuguese as their first language.

Growth of the art of Capoeira

We adopt the idea that capoeira should grow. If we have something that is good and that improves our own lives we believe that we have a moral responsiblity to share it with others. CapoeiraTeacher.com is dedicated to the idea that this should be done in an effective and organized way as much as possible. We can all learn to have a bigger positive impact in our communities and in the lives of our students.

High standards of instruction

As ambassadors of a global art form we commit to help increase the quality of instruction of capoeira wherever it is taught and in whatever style it is presented. This includes more than just becoming better capoeira players ourselves. Becoming a better teacher means empathizing with students, helping them to find effective ways to reach their own goals, to conduct ourselves professionally, and to have an increasingly positive impact on our local communities.

We hope that all users of this site will dedicate themselves to their own personal development as instructors and capoeiristas. All will be at different levels on this path, but hopefully all will be headed in a similar direction and be willing to support others in their own learning.

Promote open dialogue and sharing

Capoeira has traditionally been secretive and protected within the Master-Student and "group" relationships. While we don't disagree with this tradition we do believe that we all can learn something from each other and that we all have something to offer. We'll simply learn faster if we're willing to share with each other.

Take what you learn on this site and test it. We've created many ways to give feedback and results after you've applied it. Please do. Others will learn from what you already have. Let's criticize each other in a positive way. Let's be mature enough to take criticism and test it. Let's be brave enough to put our opinions on the line and have them criticized by peers

All users of this site should be commited to open discussion and personal contribution. You can learn something from anyone, even if it's how not to do something.